As a company dedicated to Flexible Package production, Bolsapel adopts continuous improvement as philosophy for its activities and business, with a clear goal of being the leader and market benchmark, not only through the Quality of its products but also assuming a clear commitment to Safety, Hygiene and Environment.
This is why the company is committed to keep an integrated management of Safety, Hygiene and Environment that, through preventive actions, can identify, remove and control any type of risk including security risks for its employees, such as avoiding injuries and occupational diseases, environment care and preservation. To meet these standards, we fully comply with the legislation in force, integrating in each new project the concepts of Safety and Environmental Care.


Our environmental management covers, among other actions, prevention of pollution risks, efficient use of resources in our processes, and minimization of environmental impacts, promoting the environmental care in the entire value chain.


This environmental care management is based on rating, recycling and transformation of waste of our industrial processes, into by-products and other profitable businesses. Also, the special waste is disposed of in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force.
The advantage in our management is the high level of order and cleaning, through the application of the 5S tool and we promote, through communication, education, training and assistance actions, and the environmental protection in the entire value chain for our staff.

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