We serve the most diversified markets in flexible packaging, which include the following:

  • Food
  • Tobacco
  • Home care and cleaning
  • Reams
  • Industries





We make a wide range of products of different materials, from monolaminated structures of paper or film to more complex tailor-made laminations.
We bring functional contributions, such as seal low point materials and cold seal for high packaging speeds, products with friction coefficients of specific ranges, tensile strengths, thermal resistance, etc.
We provide strictly necessary contributions for the food safety such as chemical resistance, barriers and permeability.




In rolls
or individually fractioned

We produce sleeves printed on several heat shrink materials such as PVC, PETG, and OPS. The shrinking property of this material allows it to acquire the shape of the package, whatever this shape is, and it is integrated on such package on surfaces such as glass, metal or plastic.




Our range of products includes square bottom bags of 5 cm x 40 cm length and 12 cm x 72 cm height. The structures cover from the most essential mono-sheets of paper to complex lamination of 2 or more sheets which include special applications such as: zoned high gloss varnish, gloss contrast effects, seal lacquer and spot varnish stickers. We use different types of crystal, matte, metal films combined with a wide variety of paper..



Stand up

This innovative Packaging is outstanding among the traditional formula due to its easy handling and opening, off the shelf presence, content vision, storage volume and weight reduction, longer product life and tightness, replacing bottles and vials, without the cost downside thereof.
Bolsapel acknowledged this trend years ago, positioning itself as one of the main suppliers in this segment, being one of the few converters that does not outsource the manufacturing process.
We provide differential value through shapes, dispensers on the front or on the upper vertex of the package, zippers or re-sealable closures, easy-opening, handles, special dies, returnable packages and suitable for microwave oven.